Pusha T shares Coming Home with Ms Lauryn Hill, launches Third Strike campaign

Pusha T releases new track Coming Home with Ms. Lauryn Hill, coinciding with the launch of the Third Strike campaign.

Following the relase of Sociopath earlier this week, Pusha T has released a new song, Coming Home, with Ms Lauryn Hill to coincide with the launch of the Third Strike campaign.

Sharing the track via Instagram, the rapper stated, “this is way more than a song, it’s a movement”. He continued, “We are doing everything in our power to bring home men and women trapped behind the wall due to an outdated 3-strikes drug law”.

The campaign strives to free inmates serving life in prison under the Three Strikes Drug Law, where a prisoner’s sentence may be drastically prolonged should they be convicted of three or more serious drug-related crimes.

The artist has boosted Third Strike with $25,000, working with experienced lawyers MiAngel Cody and Brittany K. Barnett in founding the project.

Lauryn Hill will be playing in Bristol at The Downs Festival this weekend, find out more here.