Sameheads announce Hooch! compilation

The Berlin venue confirms the details of its next release.

Sameheads announces the roster of artists they’ve enlisted for the second instalment of their bi-annual vinyl compilation, entitled Hooch!. Those set to be featured on the release are An-i, Franz Scala, Alexander Arpeggio & Marlene Stark, Epsilove & Ohlandy, Anklepants and Umlaut!. The compilation is slated for release on 14 September.

Furthermore, new media artist and curator Stacie Ant has created a 3D render of venue. Check it out via the player above.

Last weekend, the club celebrated its 13th birthday with the night Unter Pop II. The 32-hour non-stop event included Lullabies for Insomniacs’ Izabel, Nosedrip and more on the line-up.

Listen to an Italian dance wave mix curated by Franz Scala.