Giant Swan announce self-titled debut album

Gian Swan © Keith Leaf
© Keith Leaf

The Bristol duo have announced their debut album.

The self-titled LP is set to land on 8 November via their newly-founded label, Keck. Accompanying the announcement is the lead single and album opener 55 Year Old Daughter. Listen to it below.

Member Harry Wright said in a press statement, “This record is a conversation between aesthetics. A dialogue where a question is answered with another question until everyone in the room is left scratching their heads, or moving their feet.”

In an interview with The QuietusWright revealed, “We wanted the album to reflect an honest narrative of where we’re at, so it didn’t make sense to suddenly switch up our methods or go live in the woods or anything haha. That being said, the only real difference between this record and our last few club releases is that I play guitar on most of the tracks. I wanted this to have its own instinctive reactionary quality against some of the more regimented rhythms on the album.”

Pre-order the LP here, and listen to our Giant Swan mix.