Berlin communities launch fundraiser to help support nightlife workers

Berlin collective action

Berlin’s communities have come together to launch Berlin Collective Action.

Berlin Collective Action is a nightlife emergency fund, designed to provide nightlife workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with financial aid. The aim is to help the most vulnerable cover living costs, such as rent, bills, food and medical expenses. The fundraiser is based on donations, which will be distributed to applicants from tomorrow (25 March).

“Given this unprecedented situation, we urgently call on those passionate about nightlife with steady incomes or who are financially secure to join us in supporting those in need,” the campaign states. “In doing so, we share our support systems, inviting others under our umbrella of security as we all brace ourselves for this storm.”

Groups who’ve provided support include Room 4 Resistance, Cocktail d’Amore, Dance With Pride, Black Sex Workers, Un:Seen and more. Currently (24 March), the campaign has raised €17,765, which accounts for 18% of its €100,000 goal.

Head to the emergency fund page for further information.