Stiff Pap connect with Moonchild Sanelly on ‘Ngomso’

Cape Town duo Stiff Pap – singer-songwriter Ayema Problem and artist Jakinda – have linked up with fast-rising “Queen of Gqom” Moonchild Sanelly for a new track, Ngomso.

The video, premiering exclusively on Crack Magazine, finds Stiff Pap in their native Cape Town and was shot by an all-female creative team based in the city. The director is Sandulela Asanda Biyana.

The track is irresistible and, according to Stiff Pap, it’s been a long time coming. “We had the song for a long time but we always felt like it needed a feature from someone to finish it off.” Ayema told us over email. “We had known Moonchild since 2016, because Jakinda used to DM her beats on SoundCloud. So one day years later, we saw she was in the city and figured we’d contact her and try to get her on the song while she was around. We met up that day, played her the song and she loved it.”

“Ngomso” is the Xhosa word for “Tomorrow” and in the context of this track, it’s a reference to home time. “The full phrase basically means we’ll be back tomorrow.. because we’re out having a great time!”

Like so much of Gqom music and the sounds which surround it, Ngomso has an infectious, full-body rhythm that stays with you after one listen. It’s an energy on the production that Moonchild elevates with an NSFW verse (which Ayema tells us she wrote in just 10 minutes).

Watch the video in the player above. Ngomso is out today via Cotch International.

Photo Credit: Aaron Nathan