Avalon Emerson returns to AD 93 with Rotting Hills EP

Avalon Emerson © Jacq Harriet
Avalon Emerson © Jacq Harriet

You can tune into the project’s title track now. 

Avalon Emerson is back on AD 93 with a new three-track EP titled Rotting Hills.

Fans of Emerson may recognise its title track from her DJ-Kicks mix, which released back in September.

In an interview with Dazed, Emerson said: “ This is one of the more recent dance songs I’ve made. I went through a pretty unshakable bout of anxiety and climate/future-related depression for a large part of 2019 while I was making the decision to make some kind of change and move my home base back to the US for a while. I think you can hear some of that in Rotting Hills.”

In the EP press notes she further elaborates, adding: 

“Lead single ‘Rotting Hills’ is a study in contrasts, both tonally and emotionally. Mixing feelings of hopelessness, while also trying to enjoy what we have right now in the present.

‘Winter and Water’ is for Hunter.

‘One Long Day Till I See You Again’ is for mom.”

Emerson debuted on AD 93 (fka Whities) back in March 2016 with her Whities 006 EP. She later released Whities 013 in November 2017. 

Check out the Rotting Hills EP artwork below and read Avalon Emerson’s Crack Magazine cover story. You can listen to track Rotting Hills here.

1.Rotting Hills
2.Winter and Water
3.One Long Day Till I See You Again