Autechre release remix of SOPHIE’s BIPP

Autechre SOPHIE

The pioneering duo have remixed a track by former Crack Magazine cover star SOPHIE.

Autechre have shared their take on SOPHIE’s 2013 single BIPP. The remix is out now via Numbers. Listen below.

The release marks the duo’s first release of the year. In 2020, they released the two albums Plus and Sign.

Back in 2018, SOPHIE said in her cover story, “Autechre, particularly, have been my heroes for a very long time. There’s something so fundamentally human about their music, and the way that it’s just describing a material world.”

Last year, SOPHIE shared a string of remixes, including one of BAYLI and BABYNYMPH’s clown shit. She also debuted new music via a 20-minute live stream. In 2019, Crack Magazine listed BIPP as the top track of the 2010s.

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