Grimes reveals she’s working on new music and a Caroline Polachek collaboration

Grimes © Charlotte Rutherford
© Charlotte Rutherford

Grimes updated fans on the new LP’s progress and shared her thoughts on a string of other topics in a live streamed YouTube Q&A.

Yesterday (January 28), Grimes took part in a live streamed YouTube Q&A and answered a round of questions from her fans. As Stereogum reports, during the event Grimes revealed that she’s finishing up the vocals and mixes for her next album. She was unable to promise fans any new videos due to the pandemic.

“MUSIC IS READY BUT BUSINESS IS NOT,” she said. “ALSO DUNNO IF CAN SHOOT MUSIC VIDEOS WITH COVID SO WE SEE.” When asked which lyrics she’s most proud of, she said, “MY WHOLE NEW ALBUM.” 

She later discussed a collaboration that she’s working on with Caroline Polachek. “CAROLINE AND I HAVE STARTED A THING BUT SHES RLY GOOD AT MUSIC AND ITS DAMNED COMPLEX!” she told fans. “IM LIKE WTF IS THIS.” She also revealed that she’s working on a book focused on, “AI, THE FUTURE OF EXISTENCE, LOVE, WAR, POWER.”

Fans were curious as to how having a child and adapting to motherhood has changed her. Grimes gave birth to son X Æ A -12 in May 2020. “LESS HATE MORE OPTIMISM MORE CREATIVITY MORE DESIRE FOR LIFE MORE RESPECT FOR WOMEN,” she said. 

The former Crack Magazine cover star also discussed her AI Lullaby collaboration with tech company Endel. Grimes and the Endel team utilised YouTube’s super chat function to interact with her fans.

On New Year’s Day Grimes kicked off 2021 with a Miss Anthropocene remix project. It features reworks from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Channel Tres, Modeselektor, ANNA, BloodPop® and more. Two of the remixes had previously been teased in her 2020 DJ mix. It also followed her involvement in CD Projekt Red’s video game Cyberpunk 2077.

The full Q&A is archived on YouTube. Check it out here and read the Grimes cover story.