SOPHIE drops previously unreleased B-side ‘UNISIL’

Brand new goodies from the PRODUCT era.

SOPHIE originally made UNISIL while recording her debut 2015 full-length project PRODUCT, but it was sparingly distributed as a digital bonus track to the few who managed to buy the limited-edition Silicone Product edition of the record.

A press release detailed that the title of UNSIL is “a reference to the silicone production and curing process, and the hard, fast, and synthetic sound.”

Today, (28 January), Glasgow record label Numbers has officially released the track along with Autechre’s remix of BIPP on the flip side. Read more about the BIPP remix here. Back in 2018, SOPHIE said in her cover story, “Autechre, particularly, have been my heroes for a very long time. There’s something so fundamentally human about their music, and the way that it’s just describing a material world.”

Listen to the full EP via Bandcamp and buy the vinyl here.

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