Listen to a new conversation between Slint and Black Country, New Road

Black Country New Road © Rosie Alice
Black Country New Road © Rosie Alice

Black Country, New Road’s Luke Mark and Isaac Wood chatted with Slint’s Britt Walford in an episode of the Ninja Tune Podcast.

Slint’s Britt Walford recently caught up with Luke Mark and Isaac Wood from Black Country, New Road as part of Ninja Tune’s long-running podcast seriesTheir conversation follows the release of Black Country, New Road’s debut album For the First Time, which was released earlier this month on Ninja Tune. Meanwhile, Slint’s influential Spiderland LP turns 30 this month. 

In the episode, which went live earlier this week (22 February), the band members discuss various records and material that felt important to them or played a role in some way during the recording processes of their respective records. The coincidence of both albums being six tracks long and 40 minutes in length was also discussed alongside other comparisons between the two bands. 

We recently caught up with Black Country, New Road for Issue 117. Read the feature and tune into the podcast episode below.