Sicaria Sound look to the past on new Mixtape Club offering Round The World Girls

© Mélanie Lehmann

The duo reflect on the project’s early intentions as they dive through tracks from Ehua, Fauzia, Anz and more. 

Sicaria Sound have recorded a mix for Local Action and Finn McCorry’s Mixtape Club series. Across the new mix, Sicaria Sound (aka Sancha Ndeko and Imbratura Lou) showcase their love for bass-laden sounds and dubstep-leaning selections while championing a global cast of contemporary producers. The forty-minute mix features tracks from Nazar, FAUZIA, Anz, Slikback, Ehua and more. Listen below. 

Speaking on the new mix, the duo explain that they’ve “revised something close to our hearts for this mix: at the very very start of our Sicaria Sound journey — back when we were at uni studying Geography and volunteering as radio producers — we created a project called ‘Round the World Girls’ in ode to Tes La Rok’s remix of Uncle Sam’s track of the same name.”

“The plan was a six part series to sonically travel across the globe through our DJ mixes, picking up producers along the way from various countries / whose music was inspired by their environment or heritage and with a particular focus on non-“Western” regions. We only made it to the first episode before being offered a regular radio show which dominated our time and creative output, so we banked the concept for later.”

“So five years on we’re excited to finally re-ignite our OG concept via this mix! Collectively repping 33+ countries (that we know of), there’s modern-day takes on dubstep; faster paced percussive cuts; odes to hip hop etc. This mix also includes a couple bits from present and forthcoming affiliates of our label Cutcross. It’s been a pleasure putting this together, especially in that this being our last year as Sicaria Sound it feels like we’ve gone full circle!”

Earlier this year, Sicaria Sound announced that they would be concluding their collaborative DJ and production project at the end of 2021. In a detailed statement, the duo state that “there’s some health and wellbeing factors we need to prioritise.” They add that Ndeko will be embarking on a new solo venture, Mia Koden, with the “full support” of Lou. 

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