Carnival is off the streets for 2021, says organisers

Flag Procession girls in full costume, Notting Hill Carnival, London, 2000s © Giles Moberly
© Giles Moberly via Youth Club Archive

The parade will not be hitting the road this year.

Carnival has been taken off the streets for a second year due to the ongoing pandemic. The organisers announced the decision today (18 June), saying, “This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make. Everyone involved in the event desperately wants a return to the road where Carnival belongs but safety has to come first and with the latest cautious announcement on the government’s ‘roadmap’, this is the only way to ensure that.”

“In making this decision, we have considered our responsibilities to deliver a safe, spectacular, successful and sustainable Carnival. The conclusion is that with so much uncertainty, with time short for Carnivalists to prepare and the risk of eventual cancellation a real possibility, we must refocus our efforts for 2021.”

In place of Carnival, there will be “alternate events” as well as events leading into the August bank holiday weekend. Last year, a digital version of Carnival was presented for the first time by DJ Ace and Remel London.

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