DJ Stingray is relaunching his Micron Audio imprint

© Marie Staggat

Expect a new four-track EP, an album reissue and other releases from new artists.

DJ Stingray is relaunching his Micron Audio imprint. The Detroit veteran will release a new EP via the electro-focused label this September. Entitled Molecular Level Solutions, the four-track EP is the first physical release to land via the imprint since 2011’s Electronic Countermeasures. It’s scheduled for digital and 12″ release on 24 September. Listen to track Carbon Neutral Fuels below and pre-order the EP here.

The EP will be followed up by a remastered reissue of Stingray’s 2012 album F.T.N.W.O., which was originally released via WéMè Records. The label will also be releasing other new works from emerging artists alongside more reissues from the vaults.

Earlier this year, we caught up with DJ Stingray as part of Unsung, our podcast with Sonos Radio where the world’s greatest artists reveal their heroes who never caught the spotlight. Stingray’s Unsung choice was Keith Tucker, the Detroit producer and co-founder of Aux 88, whose alias’ include DJ K-1, Optic Nerve and Alien FM. In the episode, DJ Stingray spoke to journalist and broadcaster Christine Kakaire about Detroit motorcycle clubs, Tucker tracks which knock the floor out and what it means to “keep the funk”.

Listen to the podcast below and explore the Sonos Sound System Archive here.