Jam City, Mac Demarco and Alex G contribute to new Lil Yachty album

The album marks a huge sonic shift from the musician.

Lil Yachty’s new album Let’s Start Here released today (27 January), with some unexpected contributions.

Alex G and Mac Demarco are credited writers on Failure, with the latter also picking up writing credits for Drive Me Crazy, while production on the album is handled by big-hitters Jacob Portrait, Nick Hakim, Justin Raisen and Jam City.

The album marks a huge tonal shift from woozy trap and hip-hop to rock and jazz sonics from our former cover star. He shared insights into his shift to psychedelia for his new project, saying:

“My new album…it’s a non-rap album, it’s alternative. It’s sick, I’ve always wanted to [do an alternative album] but now I have met all these amazing musicians and producers. It’s like a psychedelic alternative project that’s cool, it’s different, It’s different. It’s all live instrumentation.”

“I’ve changed my dynamic, you know what I’m sayin’?” he added. “Like, I’m telling you, this album…I’m creating music a whole lot differently.”

When we spoke to him back in 2016, Yachty spoke about his musical upbringing – taking in the work of Paul McCartney and Coldplay, and listing Lorde’s Pure Heroine as one of the best albums of all time. He also shared his aspirations for worldwide success:

“I think back to college a lot. I had no money and I was walking around campus and nobody knew me, I remember walking through the mall in my city and thinking to myself, ‘One day I’m gonna walk through this mall and everybody’s gonna know who I am.” It’s crazy. All my dreams – every dream – has come true.”

More contributors to the album include Foushee and Daniel Caesar, who make vocal appearances on the project.

You can read our Issue 70 cover story with Lil Yachty here, and stream the album below.