CTM Festival selects four artists to join SHAPE+ artist list

itsnotanothershot ©Diego Castro / #bebeethoven / CTM Festival
CTM 2019 © Diego Castro

The Berlin festival kicks off today (27 January).

Four new artists – selected by CTM – have joined this year’s SHAPE+ cohort and have been added to the CTM Festival line-up. The new additions are choreographer, performance curator, film and creative director Franka Marlene Foth, cellist and composer Judith Hamann, experimental sound artist Gerard Lebik and dancer Janan Laubscher – who is also part of Berlin-based creative collective FMKF.

The four artists will participate in the SHAPE+ platform via collaborative residencies. Foth and Laubscher will be teaming up with Italian producer NZIRIA to present a new performance piece whilst Hamann and Lebik will perform with Polish composer Aleksandra Słyż at MONOM – Berlin’s centre for spatial sound.

CTM Festival takes place in Berlin from 27 January to 5 February. This year marks the event’s 24th edition with the likes of LSDXOXO, Marie Davidson, Iceboy Violet, Coby Sey, Authentically Plastic and Debmaster set to perform. Head to the CTM Festival website for the full programme and further information.

SHAPE+ is a Creative Europe-supported platform for innovative music and audiovisual art. SHAPE+ is comprised of 13 festivals in Europe, including CTM Festival, Unsound and Terraforma Festival. The current SHAPE+ artist cohort includes NZIRIA, Marina Herlop, Ale Hop and Evita Manji.

Listen to Ale Hop’s Crack Mix below.