Standard Deviation releases Chaosy’s new album, KATAKOMBA

The new mini album from the Kyiv artist – who is now based in Berlin – is due out 8 March.

Standard Deviation has announced the next release on their label from Chaosy. KATAKOMBA is the first release on the Ukranian imprint in a while, with the Kyiv club and label’s work disrupted by russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The day of the russian invasion, 24 Februrary 2022, was the original date Chaosy’s album was scheduled to be announced.

The moniker of Bohdan Temchenko, alongside his solo electronic project Chaosy he also plays drums in black metal outfit Angel and post-punk band Lyrica. KATAKOMBA follows on from two previous self-released albums – Neverland and Ukrainian electro both released in 2021 – and offers a 6-track mediative exercise centred around themes of mysticism and desolation via black metal-electronics and esotericism. Speaking on inspiration behind his work, Temchenko said, “I spend a lot of time observing the world around me, and, for some reason, it’s the darkness of it all that inspires me most”.

‘Working on this album was sort of a trance-like experience,” he continued. “I just followed my intuition and, to be honest, I didn’t really think about the processes. When I was finished, everything just fell into place. It felt like coming back from a dark trip.”

Listen to Shaolean from the forthcoming album below.

Last year Standard Deviation teamed up with Mystictrax – a Ukrainian imprint run by Lostlojic – to release Ukraine fundraiser compilation РАЗОМ ЗА УКРАЇНУ / TOGETHER FOR UKRAINE. The compilation featured 65 Ukrainian and international artists. In addition the Kyiv club and label, also known as ∄, launched a community fund last March to support Ukraine’s creative community. Head to the ∄ community fund website to donate.