Elijah and Jammz set to release grime album Make The Ting


The album is based off Elijah‘s yellow squares offering insights into the music industry.

Elijah is teaming up with Hackney rapper Jammz to release a grime album, due out 30 June. Titled Make The Ting, the album converts the Butterz co-founder’s industry wisdom – which he shares on social media via his now signature yellow squares – into verses.

Last year the pair did one-off track Yellow Square. Today, they have announced they’ll be following it up with a full album featuring beats from Royal-T, DJ Q, Jack Dat, Gesher, Hitman Tiga & Insomniak, Cory Syx and Blay Vision.

Sharing the news, the DJ, writer and label boss wrote: “Last month I reached out to Jammz about expanding the music universe for the squares following a one off we did together last year.” He also detailed that the album was recorded in one day.

“Across Zoom and iMessage in 14 days we went from idea to writing and recording,” Elijah added. “The speed of turnaround was part of the creative challenge for both of us. Jammz took apart the writing I’ve been doing here for the past 18 months and put it in lyrical form, to my home sound as a DJ, Grime.”


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Alongside the announcement of the album, Elijah and Jammz have released first single Close The App. Elijah started up the yellow squares project at the beginning of 2022. Since then, it has grown into an important platform for industry insights and advice. He has also worked closely with UK music charity Youth Music – which has supported the likes of No Signal Radio, Saffron Records and Noods Radio – previously leading their NextGen Fund initiative.

Listen to a conversation between Elijah and Crack Magazine’s Audio Manager Jasmine Kent-Smith about supporting independent artists below.