KI/KI, Max Cooper and more to host Dolby Atmos listening event at ADE

The Dolby Atmos x Mercedes Benz Hangout will take place on 19 and 20 October.

The annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) returns next week, and Dolby and Mercedes Benz are putting on a series of events centred around immersive experiences, as they shine a light on the immersive-sound format and look at its past, evolution and future. The event programme is made up of listening sessions alongside dedicated areas described as the Main Studio, Mixing Studio, Device Bar and the Living Room Demo all hosted at Q-Factory as part of the electronic music gathering.

The event will feature intimate listening sessions centred around immersive sound, showcasing how a slew of artists and producers have utilised Dolby Atmos within their own respective projects. There will be a Dolby studio, entitled the Main Studio, on site where these sessions are set to take place with the likes of KI/KI, Max Cooper, SEFA, Len Faki, Rodriguez Jr. and Mobilee Records’ Ralf Kollmann.

The event will be open to to public from 11am to 6pm (CET) each of the days with several Mercedes-Benz cars offering a shuttle service from Felix Meritus to the Dolby Atmos x Mercedes Benz Hangout.

In addition to the artist sessions, Dolby’s latest entertainment innovations will be available to experience via a Living Room Demo, a Dolby Atmos and Mercedes Benz in-car experience and also private mixing studio sessions. The latter will offer attendees the chance to work on their own tracks in Dolby Atmos with audio mixers and engineers from the company on-hand (email to sign up). Head to the ADE website for full details.

Speaking on his connection to Dolby Atmos, Max Cooper said: “My first experience with Dolby Atmos must have been around 2015 when I did an album called Emergence. I’d been had been experiencing with spatial audio for some years, since 2011 or so, so Atmos was always on my radar. That was my first full-length audiovisual album, that we released as an Atmos Blu-ray and a streaming Atmos project. More recently, my last album was another full Atmos project too. It’s just opened doors creatively for me.”

Continuing, he added: “Spatial audio and Dolby Atmos is something that I’m really interested in and something that I think is important; it’s something that can further artistic expression, and us all learning and enjoying things. It’s an important tool for art.”

Listen back to a Crack Mix from KI/KI below.