BEA1991 Brand New Adult Review
06 10

BEA1991 Brand New Adult BEA1991


Five years is a long time in pop, but for an artist who was once gushingly described as “a poster child for all things now” it’s practically a lifetime. Any fears that BEA1991 might have missed her moment are quickly allayed by Brand New Adult. Arriving half a decade on from her first EP, this long-anticipated debut finds the Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter applying the same unhurried perfectionism to her songcraft as she has to her career so far.

Co-produced with Sneaker Pimps’ founder Liam Howe and Dutch pop artist Benny Sings, Brand New Adult utilises the diaphanous, multi-tracked coos of the Robyn-endorsed singer to spellbinding effect, pairing them with spacious electronic pop and gauzy R&B. Despite the contemplative subject matter and often glacial pace, this is an innately physical set, from the gently rolling groove of Loser Wins to the muted pulse of Modern Comforts, which features woozy, pitch-shifted guitars and sloping bass reminiscent of Kate Bush’s arrangements circa The Dreaming.

It’s this ability to draw on the past while still breaking new ground that ultimately lends Brand New Adult a timelessness that transcends hype.