BEAK> >>>
07 10

BEAK> >>> Invada Records


Slowly and unassumingly, BEAK> have built up a pretty remarkable catalogue of sludgy motorik, bleak psychedelia, and low-slung oddities. Their latest album, >>>, is perhaps their most melodic and crisply defined work yet – maybe, as their label Invada Records suggest, in response to “the infinite cut & paste fuzz pedal kraut bands on the planet.”

Lead single Brean Down is sullen but strangely anthemic, a two note bassline and gently squalling guitars sitting underneath a wistful vocal melody. Birthday Suit nods to the soundtrack aesthetic that has (explicitly or implicitly) informed much of BEAK> member Geoff Barrow’s post Portishead output. RSI has the same jittery, washed out, sensuality that reverberates through Dutch producer Dollkraut’s excellently unsettling output. And Where We Fall is a vocal-led, rhythmic piece of folk-noir, and is an evocative and striking conclusion to the album, drawing on the oddball occultism that DIY labels like Devon Folklore Tapes shine a murky light on.