Blawan – Wet Will Always Dry
06 10

Blawan Wet Will Always Dry TERNESC


Blawan takes time over his work. With incredibly sparse releases since his 2011 breakthrough track Getting Me Down, his debut album Wet Will Always Dry is a head-turner for fans of one of UK techno’s most highly regarded producers. His releases on his TERNESC label has showcased flourishes beyond the tougher palette he is known for, but Wet Will Always Dry sets out its stall early as a rugged exploration of analogue techno.

Over the album’s eight tracks, there is a level of repetition in a certain theme; Blawan’s trademark raw energy is present throughout, with crackling distortion acting as a backdrop. Or, in some cases, it warbles away creating a real feeling of dissonance. However, the most exciting moments on the record are the ones in which more playful sounds are allowed in, such as the slower, more kinetic Stell and album closer Nims. As a whole, Wet Will Always Dry stays true to the textures Blawan craves, but doesn’t necessarily translate into a cohesive statement, feeling more akin to a punchy collection of well-produced Blawan tracks than any kind of journey.