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Daphni FabricLive 93 fabric


Every so often the fabric CD series throws up something special. Dan Snaith’s contribution to the FabricLive series as Daphni is comprised of entirely original productions, forming a blend between a mix and an original artist album – which, considering the prestige of Snaith’s Caribou LPs, is certainly an appealing prospect.

You could try to feel out this record for an album-style structure, but this one definitely flows like a cohesive dance mix. As Snaith’s 1,000 track playlist from a few years back testified, his sources of inspiration are diverse, and here there’s a lot of textural variety to be found within what could be described loosely as a hi-tempo house structure. Slow-burn hypnotic beats are not the only order of the day. The mix moves along at a startling pace that connects the dots with precision. If anything, there is so much deployed across these tracks that it can be hard to find focus or a clear musical definition that characterises the overarching palette of the mix. But the sound palette Snaith has developed over the years is a colourful one, and his mastery of so many disparate parts of music leaves this one consistently interesting for 70 minutes – no mean feat.