07 10

Dollkraut Holy Ghost People Dischi Autunno

Like a swaggering shadow looming and taking shape in the distance, Holy Ghost People slithers into life with the menacing, hypnotic opener Bonnie Said. This second album from Dutch producer Dollkraut is a slow-burner that drips in a lithium haze. Super-stylised, dubbed-out and broken, but it is powered by a restless energy.

The motorik Valium shuffles along like DJ Koze leading a bewitching zombie garage band: toy-town innocence shipwrecked on an unfamiliar shore. A haunted organ expands to fill the void of Oblivian, a ragged melody wheezing along on yesterday’s aspirations. Title track Holy Ghost People attempts a lift-off before reconciling itself to its grimly melodic fate, while the vocal-led Wrong is Death In Vegas-style decadence that never gets old. The piercing Red Girl briefly ups the stakes with a gnarly gallop, but Beggarman collapses into a psychedelic heap. A spectral Eastern melody rattles beneath Have I Told You, before the album closes out with Victim, a lonely epilogue to a tale that never quite concludes. Dollkraut is overtly inspired by long-forgotten European cinema, and the aesthetic palette on display owes a debt for sure. But Holy Ghost People has a bizarre, sensual resonance that outshines this cultural tic.