06 10

Hedge Maze Kerb Hits Lobster Theremin


There’s a sense of unaccountable distance meandering around Hedge Maze’s four track release for London-born label Lobster Theremin. Loosely clinging to a techno template, the Leeds-based producer permits Kerb Hits to gently fade in and out of consciousness. In this space, he subtly builds on muffled kick drums with highly reverberated synth patterns. Ambient noise whirs incessantly like the modified thwacking of waves against the shore. Hi-hats chitter-chatter about themselves like swarms of insects ejecting from their nests. All of this nuanced elbow room Hedge Maze has given himself to hone his ideas assumedly plays in to the producer’s affection towards the existence of aliens, UFO’s and the unexplained.

If you entertain this concept, Kerb Hits has the resilience to abduct you to an eccentric realm of simple yet unrestrained house, erratic drone and tenebrous techno that’s best absorbed in the twilight hours.