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Hinds I Don't Run Mom + Pop

“I wanna show you it’s cool to grow up,” sings Carlotta Cosials on I Don’t Run’s album opener The Club. Madrid-based band Hinds made their name playing fun, energetic but often ramshackle live shows, whereas second album I Don’t Run is a record full of tightly-wrought riffs and masterful playing. It rings with a mature sensibility that Cosials, along with fellow guitarist and vocalist Ana Perrote, Ade Martin (bass) and Amber Grimbergen (drums) picked up after endless bouts of touring.

They sing with all their gut, so often making every sentiment an extreme – either a jubilant celebration or a fury-filled ruckus. If you didn’t quite catch the words, you’d think Tester’s “Should I’ve known before you were also banging her?” was a celebratory remark, not a spit in the face at a former lover. And among these intense moments lie tender gems. There’s the easy breathiness of I Feel Cold But I Feel More, and the sweet bliss of Linda, which chimes with a harmony which demands you to succumb to longing. On paper Hinds may seem like any other indie band who jump around with their guitars, but the songs they write are pertinent and affectionate, and I Don’t Run basks in that vitality.