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Jacques Greene Feel Infinite LuckyMe


Having risen to popularity at the beginning of the decade, Montreal’s Jacques Greene has finally delivered his debut full-length. As a producer who frequently incorporates RnB-style vocals into his tracks and a prominent name on the festival circuit, Greene has positioned himself as one of dance music’s more dependable and accessible artists. But as the culture morphs from one trend to another like the ephemeral shifting of the seasons, what narrative, if any, does a debut Jacques Greene album have in 2017?

According to Greene, Feel Infinite‘s intention is to play on human emotions within the context of dance music. Thankfully, Greene doesn’t allow himself to stray too far away from the basic concept. It’s a lesson in club mindfulness; tenderly inhaling and exhaling to the beat of deep kick drums. Tracks such as I Won’t Judge and recent single Real Time seem to aim for emotive rave euphoria, but are strangely inoffensive. Trance-choked synths ascend and distant vocal melodies echo. Phasers habitually circle above structurally sound basslines, subtly suggesting an air of otherworldliness. It’s all hazardously predictable. Feel Infinite is Greene on cruise control, cautiously revving an engine that has steadily driven him to this current trajectory in his career. And while his love of the club experience is just about audible, it’s hard to get excited about a record that’s so gracefully unchallenging.