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Let's Eat Grandma I'm All Ears Transgressive


Let’s Eat Grandma’s 2016 debut I, Gemini deployed recorders and childish half-raps in equal measure to paint their inscrutable and eerie world. On their second album, uncanny Norwich teens Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth begin to turn their introspection outwards.

I’m All Ears opens with Whitewater, a braggadocious walk-on track with booming horns. Two minutes later, the tone shifts abruptly. Single Hot Pink is lyrically vulnerable – “I’m only 17, I don’t know what you mean” – but fuelled by revenge, as the SOPHIE-produced synth fractures into threatening, glassy shards. Elsewhere, the duo collaborates with David Wrench and The Horrors’ Faris Badwan, building a late-night universe from deeply personal piano ballads, extravagant solos and otherworldly detail. The rest is typically hyperactive. Missed Call (1) is less than 40 seconds of jarring, sparkling instrumental. The Cat’s Pyjamas is a squelching, fairground-inspired trip, and Cool & Collected is a grungy, satisfyingly indulgent slow-burner.

Donnie Darko offers a fitting conclusion to an album that avoids any concrete statements about Let’s Eat Grandma’s future trajectory. A grandiose prog journey with oblique lyrics and a faded bassline that unfurls into an 80s rave montage, it captures the euphoria of a band growing comfortable with its own strangeness: a sprinkling of perfect pop glitter, mixed with muddy pond water.