08 10

Ploy Unruly Hemlock


Having already notched up releases on Hessle Audio and Timedance, Ploy has now been invited into the fold of Untold’s Hemlock Recordings. The Bristol-based producer fits right into the narrative of these pillars of the scene, cherrypicking tropes from grime, jungle, techno, industrial and of course dubstep to make mutant club music as weird as it is moody. In some ways the formula is consistent with those first abstractions on the dubstep formula back in 2007-2008, but that doesn’t do these new productions any disservice.

Garys rushes with the intensity of a peak time techno belter, but the gaudy synth splashes could easily be lifted from a rowdy grime beat. Unruly digs down into the kind of jagged rhythmical trysts that typify the deep end of a Ben UFO set, but in the end it’s Lost Hours that shines the brightest. In scuffed found sound loops and plaintive blobs of melody Ploy lets a little more of his own personality cut through. The club tracks are exemplary exercises in leftfield techno physicality, but this is a record where the B2 is set to stand the test of time.