06 10

Ride Weather Diaries Wichita


Having reformed in 2014, Weather Diaries is Ride’s first new record for 21 years. The Oxford band seem to have settled back into the saddle with ease. Like the also reunited Slowdive, the influence they’ve had on many younger bands is impressive. A new generation of fans will be able to listen to Weather Diaries opener Lannoy Point and recognise the more contemporary likes of DIIV, Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils ringing out in those chiming guitars and reverb-smeared vocals.

Weather Diaries channels Ride’s classic LPs like Nowhere and Going Blank Again and peppers the formula with renewed energy. Loz Colbert’s percussion is as much of a driving force this time out as it’s ever been, keeping Charm Assault and Lateral Alice fizzing along nicely. It’s those moments that really power the album; the seven-minute title track should serve as the record’s centre-point and its jewel in the crown, but meanders, especially when paired with the similarly glacial Rocket Silver Symphony, which takes too long to finally get going about half way in. Still, this is an assured comeback and should appeal both to those who followed Ride back in the day and the kids who’ve worked backwards from their new favourite bands to study their influences.