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Roman Flügel All The Right Noises Dial Records


Roman Flügel’s legacy in electronic music is complex and varied right back to his earliest forays in the 90s. The Frankfurt-based artist has swerved from abstract electro through to chart-busting mega hits, and yet he still manages to surprise more than 20 years on. These days the focus tends to be on his own name, with the relatively recent Fatty Folders and Happiness Is Happening shoring up his oddball house tendencies in a more consistent flow.

All The Right Noises may be billed as a Roman Flügel record but it presents a wholly different sound. As Fantasy opens proceeding the mood is distinctly ambient, darewesay sombre, as lingering notes fill an empty void. While the album moves into many different shades from here, the introspective atmosphere remains. In some ways the likes of The Mighty Suns and Warm And Dewy call to mind classic electronica in their sharp angles and obtuse melodics, while elsewhere you can hear the ghost of Flügel’s more 4/4 minded output. Dust provides a surprising diversion into library disco boogie, as ever revealing Flügel’s dogged eclecticism. That quality fuels an album which seems to summarise his multifarious career in the classiest of ways.