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Stevio Cipriani Concorde Affaire '79 OST Vombis


“And to those who smoke, please smoke only in the smoking section of the plane. In about two hours we’ll be passing over the great coliseum – and until then, please enjoy the music of Stelvio Cipriani and his on-board band, thank you for flying Concorde” – “Surely it can’t be the Cipriani?!” “I believe it is, son, and don’t call me Shirley.”

One of over 200 scores and counting composed by the go-to composer for 70s Italian popular cinema, to absorb the concourse of this album as a shadow of some distant narrative is surely the most romantic way to appreciate the music of Cipriani. This is a truly fantastic piece of music which keeps you at arm’s length from overwhelming emotion – as the modest soundtrack always will – but bobs along with sublime leisure.

Vombis have overworked it as a release though. Many of the 15 bonus tracks on the second LP are superfluous and detract from the idea of the record being released as an album in its own right, rather than something attached to images nobody has seen. Forget that though, because the re-mastering is a dream and breathes in a completely new depth and life; the strings of Concorde Theme sing like they were recorded yesterday. around five individual themes emerge which together curdle into an amalgamation of traditional orchestral strings and glittery funk synths, italo-disco beats, bossa nova – all sorts. It’s a strange ride, gleaming and marbled from start to finish.