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Trim 1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim 1-800 Dinosaur


“I am Trim, who is he?” the former Roll Deep member spits on the hook of RPG. The line is comically self-aware – despite being a key figure in early noughties grime and beyond, Trim has always operated on his own terms, lurking within the fringes of the genre. Whether intentionally or otherwise, Trim has dodged the limelight throughout his career; favouring eclectic flows and experimentalism over commercial success; languid over rapid fire. It’s a trait that has earned him the title of the ‘producer’s MC’, with the playful, layered nature of his bars allowing space to let the production shine, and vice versa.

Trim had left Roll Deep following a fallout with Flowdan, and went on to drop a prolific slew of Soulfood mixtapes on his own Secluded Area of Music label. But he leapt back into the public consciousness in 2012 on the James Blake-produced Confidence Boost (Harmonimix), where he suspended his “strike a pose” lyrics in zero gravity.

1-800 DINOSAUR Presents… builds on that R&S/ Blake allegiance, calling on a cavalry of affiliates: Airhead, Happa, Bullion, Boothroyd, Klaus, Blake, and Blake’s manager Dan Foat. Spacious and raw, the productions draw on 05-era dubstep, UKG, techno, and diced up Fire Hydrant-esque Wiley productions. Trim’s bars are hyper-aware (“My album cover’s perfect”), showcasing that most silver of tongues and free-associative command of the English language. His mischievous wordplay is there too – Trim’s references range from Dorothy Perkins to obscure 80s animatronic bear Teddy Ruxpin.

Final cut No Manners descends into orchestral chaos as Boothroyd’s grime strings go haywire, spiralling into disarray. It fittingly demonstrates the essence of Trim that the 1-800 crew amplify here: taking the bare bones of grime and flipping the game on its head.