Fatigued by your long, arduous tube journey wedged between two people? Trying to pretend something on your phone is really interesting during a limp conversation with a Tinder date? Here’s how you can brighten up your morning journeys and shirk your bad social situations – tap into your IG feed instead and refresh it with a selection of accounts that had us hitting the follow button.

From softboi pick-up lines to cassette covers for music geeks, scroll down for our round-up.

one of the few people who really understands😤😤😤

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It’s 2018 and, thanks to an upsurge in dating apps, internet dating has taken on a culture of its own. Old rules are out, and the classic DM slide is in. Of all the people to hit you up though, perhaps the best – or worst – type is the softboi. You know the one. He’s a recontextualisation of tropes past, a modern-day Lord Byron. The softboi wants to talk Marxism at 4am, uses Hemingway quotes as pick-up lines and is the only human being on earth to really, truly, understand Mac DeMarco. We’ve all met the softboi; he’s a nice guy, and his pick-up lines are even better. Fill your feed with awkward romance – albeit from a reassuringly safe distance.


Since 2015, the account’s founders – Ming Lin and Alexandra Tatarsky – have been delving into the western fascination with Chinese bootleg fashion. In case you haven’t noticed, counterfeit designs seeped into popular fashion last year. Vetememes copied Vetements, Gucci knuckled in on the trend and Christopher Shannon sent t-shirts down the runway riffing off of Timberland and Calvin Klein’s logos. Collating examples from Hong Kong and China, the pair frame nonsense English on garments as a form of unique fashion in itself.


Tapping into the flourishing resurgence of independent publishing, London-based publisher Antenne Books maintains an aesthetically pleasing feed with niche, and slightly unknown, print issues across a range of topics: from photographs of boys in Hong Kong by Alex Leese to reissues of old, rare publications such as Yeah Magazine. One to add to your bookshelf – and IG scroll.

LYZZA (@lyzzalefteye) • Powerplay #lyzza @symbols #artwork by @spookybauhaus 2017

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French graphic designer Flavien Minson has meticulously curated a feed of cover art – from retro cassette designs to minimalist covers for Ryuichi Sakamoto albums from the 90s. This online Instagram feed of covers dives deep into a library of buried sleeves and throws in some contemporary ones too, such as Arca’s self-titled release last year designed by Jesse Kanda. One for music and design geeks, photographers and graphic designers are credited in the captions, making this a well-informed archive from someone in the know.


In case an astrology-obsessed friend hasn’t told you yet, nothing is your fault. You’re a bad person because of your sign. Need proof? Here’s an account of memes pointing out your flaws and tracing the origins of your bad decisions back to your zodiac symbol. Your life explained – through memes.


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