Welcome back to Crack Magazine’s Book Club.

In need of something intellectually stimulating on your commute? A novel to thumb your way through, whilst desperately trying to escape the reality of profusely sweating your way into work in this trying heat?

Dust off those neatly arranged piles of books, and replenish them with the new. Presenting you with the second instalment of our Book Club, this month we’ve got reprints of rare books, art tomes, a punk memoir and literary rundowns on British subcultural genres, so you can brush up on your musical knowledge.

Scroll down for our selection.

Grime Kids

Grime Kids: The Inside Story of the Global Grime Takeover

DJ Target

As a Radio 1 Extra DJ and former member of the grime collective Roll Deep, DJ Target is someone in the know. In fact, Target once introduced Wiley to Dizzee Rascal and, as they say, the rest is history. Providing readers with an insider’s account of how the UK subculture exploded into an international phenomenon, this is one musical deep-dive you’ll want to get your nose stuck into.


To Throw Away Unopened

Viv Albertine

Following on from her debut memoir, Clothes Clothes Clothes Music Music Music Boys Boys Boys, in 2014, the former Slits guitarist and punk icon has now published a second chapter. Addressing life after punk, Albertine lays bare her family dynamics: from a complex mother-daughter relationship to a sibling rivalry, and the feud between her parents as divorce proceedings loomed into view. Central to the book is her outsider spirit and a fierce sense of self-acceptance; the memoir stands as an argument for living against patriarchal conventions, and a raw account of tackling gender biases.


A Series of Utterly Improbable, Yet Extraordinary Renditions

Arthur Jafa

Acclaimed artist Arthur Jafa has, over the course of three decades, created an impressive and wide-ranging ouevre of work, spanning films, music videos and installations to performances. In the realm of music, he’s worked with titans of the celebrity pop world – Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Solange – and in film, produced alongside well-renowned directors such as Stanley Kubrick and Spike Lee. Having created a site-specific exhibition of the same name for London’s Serpent Sackler Gallery, his work is currently being shown as part of Julia Stoschek’s Collection in Berlin. Exploring black visual aesthetics in relation to racial alienation in the West, Jafa’s large tome encompasses his work and also includes a wealth of essays, featuring words from theorists such as Judith Butler, Jean Baudrillard and more.

Inside North Korea

Inside North Korea

Oliver Wainwright

Offering a glimpse inside North Korea, author Oliver Wainwright has collated over 200 photos on buildings and interiors inside the country. Published via Taschen, editor Julius Wiedemann recently opened up at a talk about the stress-inducing life-or-death process of creating a book on the isolated country, spending approximately a year on the phone to lawyers. Featuring grand details of mosaic walls, pillars of ancient temples, political statues and images of Pyongyang Metro – which has claimed to be the deepest underground subway system in the world – this page-turner provides some fascinating insight into the Hermit Kingdom.


Hiroshima 1965

Kenji Ishiguro

Photographer Kenji Ishiguro’s book was originally published in 1970 and back then, it was called Hiroshima Now. Until recently, it’s long been out of print and highly in-demand, with one signed copy selling for over £1,178. Now reprinted by Akio Nagasawa to coincide with an exhibition, you can grab a copy for much less. Featuring a collection of evocative and haunting black-and-white photos taken in Japan, Ishiguro documents life 20 years after Hiroshima.

Oh Shit What Now, Craig Oldham

Oh Sh*t What Now?

Craig Oldham

Want to be a graphic designer? Look no further. Here, designer Craig Oldham gives the rundown on his career and the industry; from lucky breaks to personal reflections, a honest account of insecurities to where the design landscape is at today. Printed on beermat boards and paper, the fluorescent designs make this book a visually striking read, as well as providing budding designers with some real-life advice.


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