6 Videos You Need To See

The videos from the past week that are well worth your precious seconds

Are you a music video watcher? We try to be (it is in the job description after all), but it can be hard to gauge how good a video will be without getting two minutes in and realising you’ve made a terrible  mistake.

Well worry not! Just for you, we’ve filtered these ones through our eyeballs so you’re only getting the best of the best of what’s come out this past week.

Check ’em out below.

Hudson Mohawke - Indian Steps (feat. Antony)

Director: Daniel Sannwald

Basically, two old people having a cuddle. But they’re naked. And covered in gold thread. And soundtracked by the dream team of HudMo and Antony Hegarty.

“For the video I recreate that sculpture with two elderly bodies,” explained director Daniel Sannwald to i-D. “It was very touching and moving to see two aging bodies in such an intimate way. I wanted to use them as a symbol of time but also to capture the beauty of such vulnerability.”

Inspiration also came from Rodin’s The KissAwww, so crinkly.

Gramrcy - Space Dub

Creators: Sasha Litvintseva & Graeme Arnfield

Various masked dudes chug the same beverage in an assortment of different locations in this video from producer and NTS regular, Gramrcy.

There seems to be a lot of testosterone, rugged nature and Americana flying around here, which begs the question – is this some kind of cult initiation? Is it my turn now? If so, when do I get a sweet balaclava? Gramrcy, please let me know.

METZ - Spit You Out

Directors: METZ

Sometimes live videos for songs can come off lazy and cheap – this one, however, is a smasher.

Filmed in vivid black and white, edited into a white hot fury by Scott Cudmore, and interspersed with some truly exciting band photography from Amanda Fotes, this video puts you as close to the sweat-soaked, knarly action of a METZ show as you can be from behind a screen.

Elf Kid - Golden Boy

Director: Peter Todd

There’s a lot of chat about forced originality these days, but take one look at Elf Kid embracing a nana on the high street in this video for debut single Golden Boy and you can see he’s 100% soaked in authenticity.

This video follows Elf as he visits his local shopping centre perched in a trolley pushed by his mates, has a dance at the bus stop and is basically an eighteen year old having the time of his life – and it’s all pasted over Elf’s take on Amerie’s One Thing. Top drawer.

Waxahatchee - La Loose

Director: Naomi Yang

Booooooo! This is such a good song and this video is such a mess of soft focus filters, gauzey dresses and exaggeratedly meaningful looks to camera. Also, no one’s face should be filmed this close and from such a strange angle – not even Katie Crutchfield’s.

Here’s what the director, Naomi Yang, had to say about it:

La Loose is a song of love and longing, though dark at its edges with feelings of ambivalence. I wanted the video to be a visual equivalent to the song lyric, “a charming picture of hysteria in love” – a spinning emotional kaleidoscope of desire and rejection, adoration and anger, hope and despair. For this reason I set the video in mirror-twin locations: an abandoned, haunted amusement park and a thriving farm out of a beautiful dream.”

Get your shot of syrupy sentimentality in the video above.

Spring King - Who Are You?

Director: Tim Keeling

In this video for the uplifting jangliness of Spring King’s Who Are You? a front door goes on the run and fulfils its long-held dream of being the hoverboard off of Back to the Future. How often do you see a front door pursuing its life goals?

There’s also a weatherman completely cutting loose and jamming out on the sax while on air. A truly inspiring watch.


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