The Hamburg-based label bring us 7 tracks that form the audio backdrop to their workspace

Since the late 90s Dial has operated out of Hamburg as a label influenced by minimalism, pushing out from where the sub-genre left off in its hey day. Boasting a heftily consistent roster of producers including Efdemin, Pantha du Prince and more recently Roman Flügel, Dial has fined-tuned a sound that lies very much within the ode-to-machine aesthetic that Germany is so well known for, but accompanied by a touch of the ethereal.

In readiness for their night at Oval Space on 18 March, Lawrence over in Hamburg has put together a short playlist for those wishing to start their very own Dial. Going with what he’s sent us, you’ll need to be getting into some ambient black metal, along with 70s singer songwriter Karen Dalton, before sticking on some drone of your own making.

Midori Takada

Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream

Once you’re seduced by Through the Looking Glass by Japanese composer and percussionist Midori Takada, you want to stay in her garden of sounds forever. The perfect record to start the day.

Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage Ensemble


As a member of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Phillip Cohran and his Artistic Heritage Ensemble were co-responsible for a revolutionary change in jazz performance. Frequently played at the Dial Office, the whole album is an incredible milestone!

The Pale Fountains

Beyond Friday's Field

The fabulous Pale Fountains on their album Pacific Street, which also has one of the most incredible cover designs ever.

Karen Dalton

Something On Your Mind

Phillip Sollmann, aka Efdemin, came up with this record and we all fell in love with the particular voice of the exceptional artist Karen Dalton.

Egisto Macchi

Chanson De La Nuit

Since Christian Naujoks, RVDS and Lawrence started working on their Improvisation Band Sky Walking, one of the main inspirations was the Italian Gruppo Improvvisazione Di Nuovo Consonanza, with members such as Franco Evangelisti, Ennio Moriccone and the wonderful Egisto Macchi.

Nika Son

krack sea

Nika Son belongs to a bunch of new avantgarde / experimental musicians in Hamburg around the beloved Golden Pudel Club. She will appear on the first Sky Walking Compilation to be released in late summer 2016.


Beauty Is Only Razor Deep

One of the most exciting releases on Dial Records in 2016 is the collaboration between Robert Kulisek and David Lieske (aka Carsten Jost): Misanthrope CA! They’re highly influenced by classic black metal and protagonists of newer forms of the genre like Xasthur.

Oval Space Music x Dial Records takes place on 18 March


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