The most intimate affair from the Dekmantel team returned this year, and as part of our Crack 100 celebrations, we hosted the beautiful secret stage.

Lente Kabinet marks an important point on the musical calendar of the Netherlands and beyond; the beginning of the festival season. The Dekmantel team have by now proven themselves to be some of the most accomplished practitioners of the art of programming and we can’t think of a better way to start the summer than at Lente Kabinet.

With a smaller, more intimate scope and a larger focus on live acts, the one-day event retains an identity of its own, while standing up to the standards of music and setting laid down by it’s the main event in Amsterdam later in the summer.

This year we teamed up with the festival as part of our Crack 100 celebrations, hosting a stage for the day and welcoming some of our favourite artists to perform secret sets. We recorded some of our favourites from the festival and are delighted to be able to share them today. You can read our review of this year’s event here, and listen to the Crack 100 stage sets from Fafi Abdel Nour, Mairo Nawaz and Lyzza below.

Fafi Abdel Nour

Fafi Abdel Nour is the Syrian-born, Groningen-based artist at the helm of the LGBTQ HOMOOST parties. This year has seen his rep extend beyond his home city with shows at De School in Amsterdam and across borders in Belgium and Germany.

Kicking off the Crack 100 stage at Lente Kabinet, he delved into his bag of joyous Italo and boogie for an irresistible set to get bodies moving. When Los Angeles T.F.’s Magical Body drops midway through, it’s hard not to picture the pandemonium.

Mairo Nawaz

One of the most exciting selectors from Amsterdam’s new school, Mairo Nawaz, fits perfectly among Lente Kabinet’s forward-facing mission. With regular shows at Claire, De School, Red Light Radio and a recent debut at NTS, Nawaz is rapidly eating up career milestones.

His set at Lente Kabinet steered the vibe into darker, murkier waters. Feel the tempo and intensity climb with a mixture of squelchy acid and electro, rapid-fire techno and hardcore flourishes.


Closing out the stage, the Brazilian-born, London-based Lyzza led the dancefloor to even harder territory. Thumping techno and ravey hardcore are felt throughout, with left-turns aplenty for moments of euphoric release amid familiar trance melodies and Britney Spears remixes.

Between her productions and live performances (in which she sings and performs in a completely different way to her DJ sets), it’s easy to forget how young Lyzza is. Most impressive of all is that it makes not one iota of difference to how at home she is at the head of bills such as these.


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