Five mixes that will frankly make you a better person

Dekmantel is over. Long live the gut-wrenching FOMO that sticks in the sides of the poor saps who didn’t make it. If you’re the kind of masochist who wants to keep chasing that feeling (or if you, I don’t know, went and enjoyed yourself), we’ve got you covered with what the Crack staff in attendance have unanimously agreed was the pinnacle. We’ve also got vital sets from DJ October, Powder and Galaxian, plus one of the strangest (and best) mix concepts we’ve ever heard.


DJ October

Sacred Pools – NTS Radio

DJ October’s latest instalment of his excellent Sacred Pool show keeps it spikey with raw and raucous post-punk, drone, industrial and even some choice grunge cuts.




Unstoppably frenetic from the word go, the helmeted electro don’s RA podcast grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Moody twists and spacey euphoric tangents keep tearing away, and as this mix plunges headlong into the abyss, there’s no choice but to dive right after it.



Crack Mix 160

Warm, ethereal and layered throughout with dubby sparseness, Powder’s Crack Mix shows off what a special DJ she is. On heavy rotation at Crack Towers.


Aaron Dilloway

FACT Mix 613

Experimental legend Aaron Dilloway throws an absolute curveball at his FACT mix. It’s a collection of knock-off records designed to pass themselves off as classic artists for compilation albums. Some of them turn out to be better than the originals. Case in point: the delightfully deranged version of Anarchy in the UK voiced with a robotic Mexican twang.


Helena Hauff

Dekmantel 2017

Helena Hauff closed out this year’s Dekmantel edition with a trademark icy flourish, throwing out acid and electro from all angles. Hauff is best.


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