The weather has gotten weird.

To see you through the fluctuating rainstorms and sunny spells, we’ve picked out five new releases from the past seven days which you can get lost in. There’s a reissue of some classic Eno, a caustic cacophony of Slipknot samples, some dreamy lo-fi house and some charming DIY indie-pop.



Girl Ray

Earl Grey

The debut album from lo-fi dream-pop trio Girl Ray is out today (4 August) and it’s a total delight. Stripped back and delivered with an infectiously warm analogue glow, their post-punk stylings and lush harmonies are hard to resist.




Emerging from the outer-regions of South Manchester, producer Croww makes his debut on local imprint Death of Rave. Built from a Slipknot sample pack used by the sampler and keyboardist Craig Jones on the band’s debut, Croww’s Prosthetics isn’t for the fainthearted. These four blasts of caustic nu-metal noise deconstructions capture a kind of intense outsider psychosis. In Croww’s words, it’s “part mixtape, part imaginary soundtrack”. Step inside. Buy it now via Bookmat.


Ross From Friends

The Outsiders

Don’t watch the backlash. Ross From Friends – pillar of the lo-fi house scene – turns in this colourful and characteristically fuzzy EP for Magicwire. Good to work to. Good to zone out to. Good to soundtrack sessions spent looking at Seinfeld gifs.


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Wind River (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Every time Nick Cave and Warren Ellis work together it’s deserving of everyone’s attention. Most recently, they composed the score for Wind River – a movie about an FBI agent teaming up with a hunter to find a murderer. I mean to be honest, the film sounds terrible. But Cave and Ellis’ gorgeous, dramatic compositions are very affecting.


Ben Frost

Teaming up with Steve Albini, Iceland’s premiere purveyor of dystopian noise has unleashed a brand new EP recorded last summer. There’s a particularly good Lotic remix of All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated on there too. Literally one of the songs is called All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated. Have a blessed weekend.


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