SUMS‘ top five picks for Berlin Atonal

Now three years into its second incarnation, the Berlin Atonal festival is known for gathering musicians at the vanguard of modern noise, industrial and techno.

Adding to the boldly experimental ventures that take place at the event, this year’s festival will see a live performance of seminal LP Outside the Dream Syndicate, the legendary collaboration between avant-garde icon Tony Conrad and German krautrock band Faust, Regis and Ancient Methods’ Ugandan Methods project will also be performed live and David Borden will bring the world’s first purely synthesised ensemble Mother Mallard Ensemble to Kraftwerk – the epic venue where Berlin Atonal takes place.

Raster-Noton artist Kangding Ray and Mogwai’s Barry Burns will also team up to present SUMS, a collaboration created exclusively for the festival. Ahead of their special performance, we got the pair’s top picks for the upcoming event.

Paul Jebanasam + Tarik Barri

Jebanasam’s album Rites is an immense masterpiece, so we’re really looking forward to his new A/V project Continuum alongside Tarik Barri.

Ben Frost

Because Ben is a genius, period.

Puce Mary

Her music is dark and scary as hell, we can’t imagine a better place than the Kraftwerk to listen to it live.


Sam’s Polyrhythmic madness with conducted live percussions… unmissable…

Alessandro Cortini

A deep melodic and musical sense, combined with real modular synthesizer wizardry.


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