Introducing Staying In, your weekly guide of what to watch, read and listen to this weekend.

Every Friday we will pick a selection of things which have come to our attention throughout the week, here’s a handy care package to set you up right for a weekend’s entertainment. This week we’ve got a healthy cocktail featuring black metal in South Africa, Werner Herzog on the future of cyberspace, an 11-minute glimpse into the process behind Solange’s A Seat At The Table and an outstanding new contribution to our mix series.

Pirate Modernity: 20/09/16

NTS Radio

With a monthly show on NTS, Pirate Modernity bring together cassettes from Pakistan and Afghanistan and they are fast-becoming one of our favourites of the station’s programme of monthly regulars. Full of ‘Pashto pop’ treasures, Qataghani by Feroz Kondozi at the end provides a real standout.

Werner Herzog Says 'The Internet Has Its Glorious Side'

New York Times

Across 50 years of work, Werner Herzog has captured inspiring and disturbing, absurd and majestic portrayals of our disparate world. His new film, Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World, fixes his unique gaze on the virtual world. A primer ahead of its release next week, Marc Spitz’s conversation with the iconic German filmmaker for The New York Times offers a glimpse into the film, touching upon our dependance on the web, the power of cyber communities, and asking, “does the internet dream of itself?” Read the full piece here.

A Seat At The Table: Beginning Stages


As the world continues to fall in love with Solange’s A Seat At The Table, this 11-minute clip documents the early jamming stages of the record. Filmed across Long Island, New Orleans and New Iberia, these clips document the earliest stages of the project. While a lot of these jams never made the cut, they show Knowles pinning down the sound and mood of one of the year’s most replayable LPs.

Crack Mix 122: Roi Perez

Crack Magazine

One of Panorama Bar’s new school, Berlin-via-Tel Aviv DJ Roi Perez turns in a searing, playful showcase of why he’s such a talent on the rise. Perfect for pre-club hang outs.

Leiomy Maldonado on the culture of vogue

The Creative Independent

The Creative Independent – a new editorial venture funded by Kickstarter – launched a short while ago with the goal of “slowing the internet down a little”. Their method is to post one long-form interview with a creative figure per day. The idea is that these interviews sit separately from promotional cycles and album rollouts – providing in-depth dialogues which explore the outlook and techniques of unique individuals. There have been many highlights so far (Björk, Philip Glass and serpentwithfeet stand out) but this conversation with voguing legend Leiomy Maldonado is particularly refreshing. Read it here.

Black Black Metal from Picture Tree on Vimeo.

Black Black Metal

Director: Wim Steytler

Black Black Metal, directed by Wim Steytler, get’s up close and personal with members of the Soweto black metal scene which is subverting social stereotypes with the unbridled energy and power of punk and metal. Bands including TCYF, Reeburth and Demogoroth Satanum are busy taking apart the longstanding notion that metal is for white people, especially in South Africa where rock music is massive. Their scene in Soweto oozes with viscera and abandon and is beautifully captured in this short doc, released four months ago. Shout out to Afropunk for bringing this to our attention.

Perspective: What Happened to the ’24-Hour City’?

Crack Magazine

For our latest Perspective piece, we asked dance music academic Luis-Manuel Garcia, lecturer of Ethnomusicology at the University of Birmingham, to take a look at London’s under-fire nightlife, compared with the rude health of other cultural capitals across the continent. Check out the full piece here.

Matt Sewell’s A Crushing Glow Presents The Gayatari Mantra - Anuradha & Kavita Paudwal

Test Pressing / Caroline Records

We’re struggling to think of a better soundtrack to a hazy Sunday morning. Hosted on the ever-reliable Test Pressing, this 55-minute rendition of The Gayatari Mantra performed by Bollywood singer Anuradha Paudwal and her daughter Kavita Paudwal is a total dream for all mornings after.

Songs Cycles: Jenny Hval On The Importance Of Uncertainty


Meeting with journalist Laura Snapes, multidisciplary Norweigan artist Jenny Hval unpicks her method for a challenging but extremely eye-opening read. Framed around questions like,”What kind of language can we have that is outside, that is our own?”, Hval comments on the intersection of the avant-garde and the populist while Snapes confronts a culture of dilution in music journalism. Untangle Hval’s complex ruminations here.

Mykki Blanco perform I Want A Dyke For President

Dazed Digital

With the US presidential election entering the home-straight, Mykki Blanco performs this stirring recital of I Want A Dyke For President – a 1992 poem by Zoe Leonard which has been turned into a mural on New York’s highline. Fiercely aimed at the malaise of modern politics – this is essential viewing for uncertain times.


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