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This week we have an emporium of logos, a brand new podcast searching for a reclusive fitness instructor, a brand new Crack cover story, a good old fashioned rockumentary and so much more.

Well, not so much more. Four more things than the things we just listed. Was that kind of fake news? Sorry. Stay authentic. Stay real. Stay true. Stay in.



Want to spend literally hours of your life looking at satisfyingly clean cut shapes? You’re in luck! Swiss design collective Svizra have launched this encyclopaedia of logos categorised by shape and business. There’s also information about who designed the logo, and when. It’s Nice That caught up with Svizra to discuss the project. Go explore on Logobook.

Missing Richard Simmons

Dan Taberski

In need of a new podcast to obsess over? Introducing Missing Richard Simmons. Google Richard Simmons and your memory will be sufficiently jogged. He’s the workout / fitness / life coach who’s larger than life and in a bunch of movies. Filmmaker Dan Taberski was fascinated with Richard and ended up enrolling in his ‘Slimmons’ fitness class in LA. Then, on 15 February, 2014, Simmons disappeared. This podcast documents Taberski’s investigation into the mystery. We’re hooked.

Yours Sincerely, Future Islands

Crack Magazine

Read our new cover story on Future Islands, in which frontman Samuel T. Herring discusses the power of Jaffa Cakes and how they definitely should be categorised as biscuits. This is an important question we should all ask ourselves, so check out the article and join the debate. The Crack verdict: it’s a small cake.

Danny Says


This came out a while ago but just landed on Netflix UK. (If you don’t have Netflix, R U OK HUN?). Danny Fields is a music manager, PR and writer who is one of the most important figures in the timeline of punk in the USA. Featuring Warhol, Iggy Pop, Nico, The Ramones and everyone else who is now printed on H&M tees, this feature-length documentary tells a remarkably story seriously well.

EX.343 The Hour: Mark Fisher, RA Films, 'Pulse X'

Resident Advisor

In January, the respected music writer, cultural critic and lecturer Mark Fisher sadly passed away. With his stimulating k-punk blog posts, contributions to Wire Magazine and books such as Capitalist Realism, Fisher’s writing has been hugely influential among a community of thinkers who’ve hoped that music can surpass the pessimistic ideology of neoliberalism. In this RA podcast, artists such as Holly Herndon, Kode9, Logos and writers Simon Reynolds and Adam Harper reflect on Fisher’s legacy. Skip to 06.53 to hear their thoughts.

Saving Nina Simone’s Birthplace as an Act of Art and Politics

New York Times

Over the last month, New York artists Adam Pendleton, Rashid Johnson, Ellen Gallagher and Julie Mehretu have clubbed together to buy the former home of Nina Simone in North Carolina. For these hugely respected African-American artists, this act of preservation has political and artistic ramifications, shoring up the memory of the singer and civil rights icon in bricks and mortar at a time when, let’s face it, the US has some serious structural issues. The New York Times tells their story.

12 musicians create alternative national anthems


As part of their Activism Week, Dazed invited 12 musicians to create a piece of music which reflected the country they live in. This playlist of alternative national anthems is really something. NON’s Chino Amobi, Mica Levi, No Bra, Lydia Ainsworth and more turn in subversive representations of their homelands. Listen above and find out more about the project here.

Truancy Volume 169: Apeiron Crew


Copenhagen party collective Apeiron Crew come through with a wide-ranging, expertly mixed offering for Truants‘ Truancy mix series. Mixed and recorded at a friend’s place in Copenhagen, this 90-minute treasure will rescue you from the heart-sinking feeling of being handed the aux. Also – as Truants note – the final track is glorious.


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