The Scandi DJ and producer recommends his favourite tunes to rise to in the early hours

Telephones, real name Henning Severud, is a producer from Bergen who’s now based in Berlin. The Norwegian artist is more than partial to a bit of Balearic, as his choice of list suggests, but he’s also into disco, house, and Italo, and shares an explorative eclecticism and a love for anything cosmic with his fellow Scandinavian producer, Prins Thomas.

He describes his picks for this list as “five early morning/after hour favourites. Pure magic and ‘balearic’ trippiness in my book, though in a less beachy, more basement kinda way. There’s always a sunrise if you just close your eyes.”

Get stuck in below, and catch him in the flesh at Housework on June 11.

Omniverse - Never Get Enough (Day After Mix)

So easy-going and dreamy, yet pretty hard not to move along to.

Kahuun - Batteri

In my bag since 2001 and has yet to fail. Such an incredible track that manages to mold Bergen, Detroit and Somewheresunny into a big chunk of pure bliss.

Men From The Nile - Watch Them Come

I bought a Roy Davis Jr. mix-CD in ’98 with this on, and it’s provided me with goosebumps ever since. Total vibe bonanza.

Planetary Assault Systems - Return

A tsunami of emotions. Can teleport you just about anywhere.

Mike Perras - Beginning Of Life

In the beginning there was… some stuff? It must have been quite beautiful and trippy, whatever it was.

See Telephones at Housework on June 11.


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