What better way to take in hip-hop’s many facets than in one of the world’s most diverse cities: Amsterdam.

In the 18 years since The Netherlands’ most popular hip-hop party started, Appelsap has blossomed into a major event, attracting stars from around the globe to play alongside some of the country’s formidable homegrown talent. As festivals have reached a near mind-numbing level of saturation, Appelsap continues to put together a line-up and experience that feels locally-flavoured and singular.

Kojey Radical, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho

Kojey Radical

The Love Below by Outkast is my favourite hip-hop album to date because it taught me to diversify my sound without fear. I initially heard it just after it came out but I didn’t appreciate it fully until about three years later, and that’s when it really resonated with me.

Tiffany Calver, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho

Tiffany Calver

My favourite hip-hop mixtape ever is Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings. Weezy literally took every relevant rap instrumental of that era and flipped it on its head. Like bro even did it with Black Eyed Peas, are you mad? It will go down in history as one of the best rap tapes of all time!

Wiley, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho


Dedication 3 by Lil Wayne. It’s more of a current project but one that I absolutely love. Before that there were loads of incredible Wayne tapes, but one of the most recent ones I like is this one. It was the one that really birthed Drake, too. I remember hearing it in 2008, my friend first got it off the internet and then on a CD so we’d just be cruising in the car to it.

Snoh Alegraa, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho

Snoh Alegraa

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is a very important album for me and one that’s inspired me from a young age. It paved the way for so many female artists and she created a whole legacy through that one album alone. I strive to be that great someday. I was a kid when I first heard it, I was watching the video for Everything is Everything on MTV; but honestly I still listen to that album on the daily.

Jamo Beatz, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho

Jamo Beatz

N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton because of the way each MC had their own approach to Dr Dre’s instrumentals. The project played a big part in forming today’s hip-hop in the way that it drew influences from reggae music, soul, jazz and R&B into a fusion of hip-hop.

Wiki, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho


The Blueprint by Jay-Z. It’s a perfect project. It’s fully synthesised, with no extra shit. Every song is necessary. That shit came out in 2001 so I was still kind of young. I probably heard all the singles at the time but then a few years later I got into Hov properly and went through all of his albums. This one really stood out: it was him at the pinnacle of his career, fully in his bag.

Amy Becker, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho

Amy Becker

Project Baby 2 – Deluxe Edition by Kodak Black. It came out last year but it’s my favourite mixtape because it’s Kodak doing the best thing he does, laying sick verses with his unique flow on the hardest beats. I’m a Kodak ride or die fan and for me the whole sound of that tape is a masterpiece.

Vic Crezee, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho

Vic Crezee

What jumps to mind right now is Tupac’s All Eyez on Me. I had a cassette tape of Disc 1 and then five years later I got Disc 2, so it felt like an album that accompanied my growth at different stages of life.

Lion Kojo, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho

Lion Kojo

Madvillany by MF Doom and Madlib, who I’m a huge fan of. I started listening to it when I first began producing and DJing, about 10 years ago, and it totally blew me away. It played a crucial role in the development of my craft and really formed me as an artist.


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