For DJs who hold down sprawling tour schedules, alighting on the tracks that define the summer is par for the course. These are the records which resonate across festival stages at every stop across the globe. And each DJ has their own.

We caught up with a host of selectors backstage at Dimensions to reveal the one track they’ve played the most this summer, and why.

As the season winds to an end, we’ve time for one last blast of sun, right?

Helena Hauff

“One of the tracks I played most this summer is probably Jungle Hitler by Luke Vibert. I bought this at Otaku Records in Hamburg. I love Luke Vibert and I love Father Ted, and this track’s got a Father Ted sample. The sounds and arrangement is incredible and it just always makes me smile.”

rRoxymore, Dimensions 2018 © Dan Medhurst


“Gennaro (Endian remix) by Almaty. The original is already a great track, but the energy generated by the remix makes it even more fun to play. It’s almost like a powerful DJ tool, and I like the efficiency of it.”

Kamma and Masalo, Dimensions 2018 © Dan Medhurst

Kamma and Masalo

“Ngeke (andhim Remix) by Armonica and Toshi. This is such a heater! We especially like to play it after playing a little darker to lift the dancefloor into euphoria. The vocal hits hard!”

Batu, Dimensions 2018 © Dan Medhurst


“Ramos by Ploy. I’m biased ’cause I released this one but it is such a versatile and playful tune. I’ve rinsed it this summer, both in headsy small settings and at festivals in front of thousands of people. A particular highlight was playing it b2b with Objekt at Field Day to a massive crowd.”

Ezra Collective, Dimensions 2018 © Dan Medhurst

Ezra Collective

“Juan Pablo – it is a song written about positive vibrations and joyfulness. Not caring about the things that separate us but more importantly the things that bring us together. Every time we drop this tune, the dance explodes in the joyful vibrations we intended it for.”

Alexander Nut, Dimensions 2018 © Dan Medhurst

Alexander Nut

“Kass Kass by Kass Kass. They’re a French Congolese band from the 80s. Kind of a supergroup. I picked this record up randomly whilst digging out in Paris last year, sometimes the cover of a record shouts out “listen to me” and this was one of those records; something about their smiles and the typography. It’s the title track of LP, it’s a joyous soukous tune that always gets everyone up and lively. It’s a great mix of drum machines, synthesisers and live instrumentation. It’s been in my sets all year, was great to play it out at Dimensions, went down a treat.”

Children of Zeus, Dimensions 2018 © Dan Medhurst

Children of Zeus

“Drippy by IAMDDB. Luckily I’ve been able to play in the sunshine quite a few times this year so I got to play some more chilled music. This track is perfect for when people are open to just bubblin’ instead of all out raving their faces off. Plus it’s repping Manchester which is always on the agenda!”

Amp Fiddler, Dimensions 2018 © Dan Medhurstv

Amp Fiddler

“My track Soul Divine. The affirmation of the hook being sang by an audience is so positive and beautiful it makes all the sense in the world to spread the power of love at every turn of our being amongst one another. And that’s when funk is its own reward for real.”

Fatima, Dimensions 2018 © Dan Medhurst


“Focused by G Herbo. I gotta pick this one because of self motivation. And the beat bangs. The whole Swervo project is nice, G Herbo and Southside compliment each other well and you can tell they’re having fun right now, rightfully so!”

Photography: Dan Medhurst


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