Muziekgebouw aan t' IJ, Amsterdam

Only a few delicate days into 2018, Fiber teamed up once again with The Rest Is Noise to curate a selection of performances and screenings in Amsterdam’s spectacular Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. Fiber’s series of events last year delved into the relationships between image and music, technology and art – and this year Fiber will continue to explore these intersections.

Starting from the top, Canadian visual artist Sabrina Ratte’s installation plays with computer generated architectural forms, extending them into glitchy, three dimensional spaces that become increasingly enthralling the more time you spend with them. Meanwhile downstairs in the main hall, Lullabies For Insomniacs boss Izabel plays a restrained selection of obscure sonics well tailored to the evening.

Joris Strijbos & Daan Johan are the first act in the main hall with the latest development of their Macular concept; adding a third disc of light to the two we saw at Fiber’s main festival last summer. The spinning beams are designed to generate an impressive array of hypnotic geometric patterns, and the results make for a dizzying spectacle.

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited set of the night is Nine Inch Nails collaborator and ambient composer Alessandro Cortini’s, who’s clearly attracted a few die hard fans with this visual performance of his album AVANTI. The show itself is remarkably simple and steeped in nostalgia, with the songs accompanied by beautiful, grainy video footage of Cortini’s childhood in Italy. Cortini’s performance, whilst enjoyably restrained, is instantly eclipsed by the act that follows. UK duo Demdike Stare and visual artist Michael England take us through a series of varied passages each punctuated by darkness and bassy rumblings. Some tracks are represented with computer-generated pulsating patterns, whilst other sections use stock film of seemingly random mundane situations. All are edited to build a gripping energy and demand our focus. Once again Fiber have managed to bring together a wide spectrum of audiovisual performances which speak to the versatility of a format which – fuelled by technology and innovation – continues to grow.