Anson Rooms, Bristol

“Sundays in Bristol are like a Saturday night in other cities,” declares Yannis.

With a colossal touring schedule ahead that’ll take Foals through the USA, Australia, the UK and then South America, it’s only now that the he’ll confidently be able to remember what day it is and which city he’s in. The frontman’s praise is a catalyst for a sense of euphoria which erupts as soon as the band kick off with Snake Oil.

With a competent set eclectically woven with songs from their four albums, Foals’ most captivating moments lie in the heavier Providence and Inhaler – channeling Rage Against The Machine with credibility late in the set. Hearing nicely tweaked versions of Hummer and Olympic Airways – the latter an infallible live winner – is a treat for the crowd, too.

Okay, so Yannis’ regular crowd-surfing sessions are feeling a customary these days, but you can’t fault him from keeping a connection with the crowd – something that’s reinforced by his yells of “fuck the Tories” and “this one’s for the Corbyn voters.” Left-wing arena math-rock? It can only be Foals.