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Being the first artist signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ new label Saddest Factory Records is quite an accolade. Claud – technicolor-haired and breezily chill – seems to be taking it in their stride.

Towards the end of last year the musician, full name Claud Mintz, burst into our lives with the buoyant, bittersweet Gold, introducing their particular brand of candid dream-pop. They’ve been bubbling under for a minute now, building a loyal following through DIY shows and a run of increasingly irresistible demos posted to Soundcloud. Their imminent debut album Super Monster is highly anticipated – not just because of Bridgers’ cosign – but because it’s the culmination of Claud’s heartfelt narrative lyricism, documenting coming-of-age through their astute Gen-Z lens. To mark the release, the NY-based artist shares their grandma’s sage advice, most impulsive haircuts and favourite meme.

What’s the weirdest DM you’ve ever received?
I can’t pick just one… I get a lot of strange messages, especially from people confused about my gender. Apparently being androgynous really scares some folks out there.

What’s your biggest fear?
A spider crawling in my mouth while I’m sleeping.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
My grandma told me that bitter people don’t live sweet lives.

What makes you feel nostalgic?
Snowy days, the smell of sweet potatoes in the oven and most Jason Derulo songs.

What’s the weirdest party you’ve ever been to?
In high school I threw a party at my mom’s house while she was out of town and I was supposed to be staying at my dad’s. I think he got suspicious and busted the party. I barely even knew anyone there because I wasn’t super social in high school.

What’s the biggest realisation you’ve had in the past year?
You don’t have to suffer for your art.

What’s your worst habit?
Impulsively changing hair styles.

What’s your favourite TikTok account and why?
I have 2 favorites… @alluringskull because they post really important information and resources, and Grace Kuhlenschmidt (@gkuhlenschmidt) because she’s funny and gay.

What would you want written on your tombstone?
“Boo” or a Hannah Montana lyric. It’s probably best to keep it light.

What instantly cheers you up?
Vegan comfort food.

Is there an item you’ve lost that you wish you still had?
A red button up shirt I got on tour the first time I went to Canada. It was my Canada memorabilia 🙁

What’s your earliest childhood memory?
I got hit in the head with a baseball bat when I was four and got stitches. I still have a visible scar on my forehead.

Describe the worst haircut you’ve ever had.
When I was 15 I lived away from home for the summer for the first time and knew I really wanted to cut my hair, so I went in and asked the stylist to do whatever they wanted… I ended up with half a shaved head and the other half down to my shoulder.

What’s the worst hotel you’ve ever stayed in?
I stayed in a hotel somewhere in the midwest on tour once and at 5am a guy was roaming the halls knocking on peoples doors…

A 5am guy?
It was terrifying and no one in my band woke up from it except for me.

What’s the worst job that you’ve ever had?
When I was 16 I crashed my car into the garage at my dad’s house and had to get a job at a local toy store to pay for the damage. The job itself wasn’t bad but the reason I was there made it miserable.

What really gets on your nerves?
When a pebble gets stuck under my shoe and it’s scraping against the sidewalk while I walk.

What’s your signature dish you cook when you want to impress someone?

What piece of advice would you give young Claud?
Don’t be in such a rush all the time!

What’s your favourite meme?
Recently I’ve been really into the meme where that one guy is sulking in the corner of the party and is thinking “They don’t know that…”

Super Monster is out now via Saddest Factory Records