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The San Diego weekender celebrated its tenth edition this month.

Spread across three stages at the Waterfront Park, the sun-kissed Californian event saw in a milestone chapter with some of the most in-demand DJs and rising underground talent. Hosted twice a year, each edition sells out – and it’s easy to see why, as CRSSD have perfected a formula that’s distinctly its own.

Of course, there were some unforgettable moments at the event, and tracks we didn’t manage to Shazam. So, we caught up with artists backstage and across the site to ask them about the one track they’ve been rinsing all summer.


Dr. Rubinstein

This is actually an oldie. The artist’s name is AYNC Project and the track is called Windows. It’s just super simple; it works with an acid line and it makes every dancefloor feel like it’s on fire. You’ll have to listen to it and then you’ll understand what I mean!

Ross From Friends

A standout track for me is this one called Epiphany. It’s named after my sister and it’s on this new EP that I just put out on Brainfeeder. I really like it, I spent loads of time making it and it goes down well with people which is always a nice feeling. I took loads of inspiration from old, weird 80s sci-fi movies like The Thirteenth Floor and The Fifth Element. I wanted to create something that felt epiphanic. It ties into my love for my family as well.

Anastasia Kristensen

The song I’m choosing is Magahlena (Perko’s Pair Firecracker mix) by S Mendes. It’s a beautiful edit of a Brazilian song, which has an uplifting and sunny mood.

Krystal Klear

La Danza by Alan Dixon. It came out on Running Back records. It’s flawless; nearly every time, it goes off. It’s synthy, it’s got a good bassline, it’s got strong drums, it’s got good breaks and builds. It’s a nice track to mix and it’s never not got a good reaction.

Richie Hawtin

This one particular track by Fabio Florido on his Multiverse EP. It’s very techno – so a lot of energy, very straight but it’s beautiful and emotional. Love it.

Tiger & Woods

The track we’ve been playing all summer is Masalo – New Dance. We love the track because it’s the most Italo song that we’ve known in ages and it’s produced by this guy called Roland from the Rush Hour crew. We love the track and we’ll be playing it many months from now.