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This is Cue Points, a series where DJs get granular with current tracks in their sets, giving us the low-down on what makes them work.

Today we have Argentinian DJ and producer Desirée Falessi talking us through some of her go-to set selections. Both behind the decks, in her productions and at the helm of Influencia Records – the label she runs – Falessi keeps the energy high with a tendency towards brooding, cosmic and immersive electronica and techno.

This May, Falessi heads to Malta for the inaugural edition of Sunny Side Festival – a new techno and house event that will see her play alongside the likes of Anthea, Tijana T, Dana Ruh and more. Ahead of this, she talks us through how she approaches her sets, telling a story through her selections and keeping the vibes sexy and dramatic throughout.

Corvin Dalek – Pounds & Penz (Geldregen Mix)

To begin with, I like to choose a long track, which gives me time to get comfortable and warm up, while also needing to have energy and serve as a transition.

Spy – Phase

In my collection, there must be tracks that immerse you in a journey, seductive ones that invite you to dance, gradually creating the atmosphere I’m looking for. Without a doubt, one track among my records is: Spy – Phase.

Atmos – Jimmy The Plate

When I want to add a bit more darkness and introspection to my sets (without losing the sexiness), I think this track is perfect and cannot be missed: Atmos – Jimmy The Plate, a dance floor destroyer.

UFO Space – Try

Another favourite of mine at the moment is UFO Space – Try. I feel it’s a perfect record to keep the dance floor ignited. Particularly, Love Dreams is the track I use the most from the EP.

Trevino – Eclipse

To close, I enjoy a lot of drama without losing intensity. I feel it closes perfectly with the story I want to tell in my sets. For a long time, I’ve used this track, which I find beautiful: Trevino – Eclipse.

Desirée Falessi plays Sunny Side Festival, Malta, on 17-19 May 2024